Friday, October 26, 2007

Running With Scissors (week 6)

One night while Augusten is in his room, he hears a knock on the door. Its Bookman. Bookman tells Augusten that he is going to go get film. This is very strange because it is 2 in the morning. A few hours after Bookman left, Augusten went to his room looking for him. He wasn't there. That's when Augusten knew that Bookman had ran away. Augusten went and told Hope, and she told Dr. Finch. The three of them went to New York City to find Bookman. They went to bars asking if he had been there because they thought he would have gone to a bar. No one in any of the bars had seen him. After a while of looking for him, they decided to go back home. Augusten never heard from him ever again. Augusten's mother calls him and tell him that she needs tell him something in person. When they are together, she tells him that Dr. Finch raped her. She tells Augusten that he should have nothing to do with the Finch's. When Natalie heard about this, she kept trying to tell Augusten that its not true, and that his mother is crazy and he should not believe her. He still does though. Natalie and Augusten end up getting an apartment together when they are older. That does not last long though, because Augusten decides he wants to get away. Augusten goes to stay in a motel. Then he eventually finds an apartment in Massachusetts. He also gets a job as a waiter at a restaurant.

I chose to do the maps.

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