Friday, October 26, 2007

Running With Scissors (week 5)

I commented on Desi and Amal's blog.

Augusten and Natalie decided that they both need to get jobs. They spent an afternoon going around to stores and filling out applications. Natalie and Augusten both have a goal. Natalie would really like to attend Smith College, and Augusten wants to be a hair stylist. One night when Augusten was visiting his mother, she went crazy. She was screaming and saying things that she should not say. Augusten called Hope and she came over. Hope ended up calling 9-1-1. The police cam and they took her away. After that night, Augusten, Bookman, Hope, and Dorothy (Augusten's mother's girlfriend), the doctor and Augusten's mother stay at the Treadway Inn motorlodge in Rhode Island. Augusten's mother meets a lady Winnie while eating at a restaurant. Winnie stays with Augusten's mother for a few days and helps her get over the crazy episodes that she has.

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