Saturday, October 6, 2007

Running With Scissors (week 1)

The story Running With Scissors starts off with the mother of Augusten getting ready to go out for the night. The story goes into great detail of what his mother is doing to get ready and what she looks like. Not long after that, the parents of Augusten start to get into a huge fight. They are screaming at each other and calling each other names. Deirdre (the mother of Augusten) pushes Augusten's father backward onto the counter and his head hits the dishwasher and he starts to bleed. Because of this huge fight Deirdre meets with a doctor. Whenever Deirdre meets with Dr. Finch, Augusten always goes along also. One day Deirdre meets with Dr. Finch at his house. Augusten is curious to see where Dr. Finch lives. Augusten has this picture in his mind of what Dr. Finch's house looks like. He pictures it as big and nice. But when he sees it, he is surprised because it is the complete opposite. When Augusten gets into the house, he is forced to play with the daughters of Dr. Finch. Augusten does not care for his daughters one bit. After a while Augusten leaves the girls and goes to check with his mother when he gets to go home. It is then when Augusten finds out that he will have to stay with Dr. Finch and his family for a while, while Deirdre stays in a motel. Deirdre has to stay in a motel because Dr. Finch thinks that Augusten's father is after her and is going to kill her. Dr. Finch thinks it would be best if Augusten did not go with her to the motel. This really makes Agusten angry and dissapointed.

Running with Scissors is one of the most interesting stories that I have ever read. I really enjoy reading it. I also think it is really weird. I can't believe that it actually happened in real life.

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