Monday, October 8, 2007

Running With Scissors (week 2)

Loaded Words:

1) Inadvertently- page: 109
2) Quadraphonic- page: 105
3) Cacophony- page: 102
4) Crux- page: 98
5) Sanctimonious- page: 95
6) Mimeographed- page: 93
7) Ventilation- page:68
8)Formality- page: 63
9) Oppression- page: 89
10) Teeming- page: 84

All of the words that I selected are loaded because I'm not sure what they mean.

Augusten spends lots of time at Dr. Finch's house and away from his mother. You find out that Augusten is gay. You also find out that Augusten's mother is a lesbian when Agusten walks in on her with another woman.

I think this book is getting more and more interesting. The way the mother acts is very strange. I feel bad for Agusten because he had a weird life growing up.

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