Friday, October 26, 2007

Running With Scissors (week 4)

"That's king of how I felt. Sure, I would have liked for things to have been different. But, roll of the eyes, what can you do? Shrug." Page 302 Running with Scissors

This is the last thing that the author says in the story. I think that this quote is meaningful because Augusten is talking about his childhood and how crazy it was and how he wished it could have been different but sometimes there is nothing you can do.

Natalie (one of Dr. Finch's daughters) and Augusten become very close friends. They both really like to sing. Natalie gets an idea to sing at a nearby hospital. The two of them go to the hospital and see if they might be able to sing. The people working at the hospital are confused, but they let them sing to the patients. Hope (another one of Dr. Finch's daughters) goes through something very unusual. She thinks her cat is dying because she had a bad dream about her cat. She puts the cat in a laundry basket and sleeps next to the basket in the basement. The cat after a few days dies because of no food or water.

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